Even though William Penn is known to be the main proprietor of Bedminster, Pennsylvania as well as most of the Philadelphia region, Bedminster was first settled by Welsh and German immigrants who lived together peacefully as early as 1681.  The Bedminster area was heavily wooded and gave for plenty of natural resources to build homes, barns and churches.

By 1730, the Penn family gave the land of Bedminster to William Allen of Philadelphia, a prominent businessman at the time.  But in 1778, the Pennsylvania Assembly confiscated the land and its undeveloped areas were slowly sold off during the early 1800s.

The Community Today

Bedminster, Pennsylvania remains today as a scenic and rural town located near the City of Philadelphia.  It’s hilly landscape and abundant nature attracts residents and homebuyers seeking a calm atmosphere and country lifestyle.  Homes in Bedminster, Pennsylvania range from new construction with modern accommodations to older, more rustic homes for that historic appeal.  Either way, homebuyers wishing to move to Bedminster will have a large selection of homes that fit within any budget.


Because Bedminster, Pennsylvania is quite rural, passengers wishing access the City of Philadelphia by public transportation will need to travel to either the Easton Bus Terminal at 35 South 3rd Street in Easton.  Passengers can also travel to Perkasie where the East Penn Railway connects to the Lansdale/Doylestown SEPTA Regional Rail Line.