Point Pleasant


Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania is a community north of the City of Philadelphia.  The first people known to have lived in Point Pleasant were the Lenape Native Americans.  Due to its abundant natural resources, Point Pleasant was a prime location for European settlers to fish, farm and hunt.  The community’s sustainability attracted many immigrants, creating a diverse economy of inns, taverns, merchants and mills.  Its prime location on the Delaware River made for the perfect location to build a canal, making Point Pleasant an important place for transporting materials.  During the Revolutionary War, this town grew and ground much of the grain that was used to feed the soldiers.

The Community Today

Residents of Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania enjoy living in the iconic rural countryside of Pennsylvania.  With plenty of forests, lakes and rivers, Point Pleasant provides for a relaxing atmosphere with a quaint community while still being close to Center City, Philadelphia.  Homes in Point Pleasant range from rustic cabins in the woods to newer constructed homes in a more suburban part of the neighborhood.  With a variety of affordable homes to choose from, homebuyers can choose from a number of accommodations that fit within any budget.


The closest public transit station to Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania is in New Hope.  From there, passengers can access the City of Philadelphia by the Regional Rail Line.  Passengers can travel to New York City by the Trans-Bridge Line.