Washington Crossing


Washington Crossing is an unincorporated village located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, just outside of the City of Philadelphia.  Before it was known as Washington Crossing, this town was called “Taylorsville”.  It gained its current name because of George Washington’s famous crossing of the Delaware on Christmas of 1776 during the Revolutionary War.  Washington and his troops sailed quietly across the river to a Hessian soldier encampment.

The Community Today

Much of this community is historic and has not only original colonial homes, but also traditional farmhouses.  The region is quaint and makes a peaceful home for those who enjoy a heritage rich with American history.  This welcoming community has plenty of serene countryside with rolling landscapes and forests.  While it is a fairly rural area, it is still connected to the City of Philadelphia via SEPTA and the Regional Rail Line, making it easy for commuters to travel to and from the city.


Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania is serviced by SEPTA and the Regional Rail, which connects this area to the City of Philadelphia and the surrounding communities.